Private jet charter flights have grown in popularity as an excellent alternative to commercial aviation. As a result, you avoid hassles like lost luggage, security queues, endless delays and uncomfortable cramped seating.

However, booking private jet flights can seem out of reach since some people believe it’s an ultra-expensive travel option reserved only for the elite. It may surprise many to know that flights on private jets can be an excellent fit for your budget.

Private Jet Transport Basics

Private jets include any class of jet aircraft used to transport a small number of passengers. Private charters have been around since 1939. Private charter flights are usually point-to-point routes, meaning you’ll only fly from one airport to another without needing a connecting flight. The aircraft used in this industry are bizjets, corporate jets and business jets.

The usual clientele of private jet companies includes government officials and employees, corporate leaders, business partners and other private individuals. However, aside from these flights, private charters have been used as express delivery services for critical parcels and deliverables such as dispatches and organs for human body transplants. In addition, the services of private charter companies have also been helpful in evacuation operations.

Types of Jets Used for Private Charters

There are many different types of jets used by private charter companies. Each one will vary in capacity, range and amenities.

  • Ultra-Lights: These are the smallest models with a capacity of four to six passengers. They’re the most cost-effective option, but they can only travel around 1,200 nautical miles, which are short-range flights.
  • Light Jets: With six to eight passengers capacity, these jets can travel up to 1,500 nautical miles in one trip before refueling.
  • Super Light Jets: This jet type offers more space for six to ten passengers per flight. These charter jets offer longer-range flights from 1,600 to 2,500 nautical miles.
  • Mid-Size Business Jets: Designed for longer private jet flights, mid-size models offer better seating options with a capacity of eight to 12 passengers. In addition, these planes have longer ranges – around 3,000 nautical miles.
  • Super-Mid-Size Business Jets: Even though this jet type has the same passenger capacity as its mid-size counterparts, they offer better spaces and seating.
  • Large Jets: Models in this class can carry up to 16 passengers and feature entertainment facilities. They have a range of about 3,500 nautical miles.
  • Ultra-Long Range Class: These jets are the ones that can travel across oceans for international flights with ranges of over 6,000 nautical miles. This type of charter aircraft can carry around 19 passengers.

The larger types of private charter aircraft usually offer more functionality and better amenities. However, they can also cost you more per flight. Therefore, choosing the right sized aircraft and private charter pricing plan can get you better and more affordable deals.

Private Charter Pricing

Private charter companies offer different pricing structures. The most common one is via jet card membership, which gives you better deals and access to the best aircraft. On the other hand, membership plans allow you to lock in hourly rates with reduced fees.

Business vs. Personal Flights

People usually go on private jet flights either for business or personal use. Each option provides different benefits:

Benefits of Private Business Flights

  • Allows your employees to save precious hours since they don’t need to go through the usual commercial airport processing. The aircraft can take off around 15 minutes after passengers have checked in.
  • Consider these flights as boardrooms in the sky since employees can conduct their business and have meetings while they travel.
  • These flights allow senior management to stick to tight deadlines and strict business schedules while keeping appointments on track. They can also bring clients and business partners as guests on the aircraft and have important meetings onboard.
  • Site coordinators and decision-makers can travel quickly from one site to another, flying through multiple destinations daily with chartered flights.

Benefits of Personal Private Flights 

  • It allows you to avoid the chaos of commercial airline travel while giving you access to more airports globally.
  • Faster airport check-ins and security checks make things easier for travelers.
  • Private charter jets are usually faster, allowing you to reach your vacation destinations quickly while staying comfortable during the flight. So you can essentially start your relaxation in the air.
  • These flights offer more flexibility letting you adjust flights according to your schedule. 

Additional Perks of Private Jet Charter Flights

The charter company will assign you a management team when you book a private jet charter. They will be responsible for all your flight details, prioritizing federal compliance, convenience, passenger comfort and safety.

Identification requirements are more straightforward with private charters. You can use any proper identification, such as your driver’s license. However, international flights will require a few more items for identification, such as your passport and visa.

You may arrive up to 20 minutes before your scheduled departure. However, some charter providers may charge waiting fees if you’re more than 30 minutes late.

The cabin seating is often flexible, with many aircraft featuring a club-style arrangement. Seats face each other allowing passengers to mingle, relax, eat, and enjoy each other’s company.

Private charters are also more pet-friendly, allowing passengers to bring their pets onboard. On top of that, you are entitled to bring your choice of drinks onboard, but you must let the onboard crew serve them. One downside you should know is the luggage limitations. Remember that you’re on a smaller plane, which means it’s best to travel light.

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