Even as summer sunshine continues to warm our days, the savvy traveler knows that now is the perfect time to start planning for the captivating transformation of fall.

As balmy beach trips give way to crisp autumnal escapes, the vibrant hues of fall beckon us toward one of the country’s most spectacular destinations: the classic beauty of New England.

Hera Flight invites you to stay one step ahead and begin planning your journey to this iconic locale.


New England – The Quintessential Fall Destination: Vermont and The Berkshires

Imagine flying over vast forests filled with trees turning from summer green into vibrant shades of red, orange, and gold. The air is crisp, the landscape is painted with autumn colors, and the smell of fresh apple cider fills the air. This is fall in New England, and Hera Flight is your perfect partner in experiencing the region’s rich tradition and colorful spectacle.

Our private aircraft fleet can whisk you away to the heart of New England. With a range of aircraft from transcontinental jets to smaller piston aircraft and helicopters, we can accommodate your specific travel needs, ensuring your journey is as memorable as your destination.

Vermont: The Heart of Fall Foliage

In the heart of New England lies Vermont, a state known worldwide for its stunning fall foliage. As you arrive with Hera Flight, prepare to immerse yourself in an autumnal wonderland teeming with activities and experiences that capture the very essence of fall.

After visiting Woodstock and Quechee Gorge, embark on a journey along Route 100, fondly referred to as the “Skiers’ Highway.” This scenic byway, which stretches the length of the state, offers an incredible showcase of Vermont’s fall splendor. Pull over at Moss Glen Falls for a picture-perfect view of cascading waters set against a backdrop of vibrant autumn leaves.

While in Vermont, a visit to the Green Mountain National Forest is a must. Its Robert Frost Interpretive Trail is an easy, family-friendly hike that winds through the forest, with signs displaying poems by the famous poet along the way. The colorful canvas of fall leaves enhances the natural beauty of the place, making it a favorite for hikers and nature lovers alike.

Vermont: An Adventure in Nature and Flavors

For those seeking a more adventurous route, the Long Trail, the oldest long-distance hiking trail in America, offers breathtaking views of the vibrant fall foliage from high up in the Green Mountains.

Vermont is also home to a rich culinary scene that perfectly complements its natural beauty. Make sure to try apple cider doughnuts at Cold Hollow Cider Mill or freshly made Vermont cheddar cheese at the historic Cabot Creamery. Don’t forget to visit the Ben & Jerry’s factory for a fun and delicious tour.

As you round off your day, treat yourself to a cozy fireside dinner at one of the many local farm-to-table restaurants. Try some venison with Vermont cranberry sauce or a warm bowl of butternut squash soup, a New England favorite, to fully embrace the flavors of fall.

The Berkshires: Autumnal Art and Culture

The Berkshires in Massachusetts is not just known for its brilliant fall colors, but also for its vibrant arts scene. This cultural haven set amid picturesque autumn landscapes offers a unique blend of artistic and outdoor experiences.

Begin your journey in Stockbridge, home to the renowned Norman Rockwell Museum. Here, you can discover the iconic work of this American artist amidst the backdrop of splendid fall colors. Nearby, Chesterwood is the former home of Daniel Chester French, the sculptor of the Lincoln Memorial. Its outdoor sculpture garden, featuring contemporary and historic pieces, is particularly stunning in the fall.

In North Adams, you’ll find the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, better known as MASS MoCA. This converted factory complex hosts a vast collection of contemporary art and performances. As autumn arrives, its industrial architecture set against the vibrant fall colors offers an aesthetic feast for the eyes.

To experience the performing arts scene, head over to Great Barrington. Catch a show at the historic Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center or enjoy a concert at the Tanglewood Music Center, summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and an autumnal delight.

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The Berkshires: A Symphony of Nature, Gastronomy, and Culture

The Berkshires is also famed for its culinary offerings. Experience a traditional New England clambake or savor locally sourced meals at one of the many farm-to-table restaurants. The region is renowned for its apple orchards, so don’t miss trying a slice of homemade apple pie or a glass of locally produced apple cider.

For the adventurous, take a scenic drive along the Mohawk Trail, which provides panoramic views of the fall foliage. Hike up Mount Greylock or explore the trails in Mount Washington State Forest. Each offers a unique opportunity to witness the spectacular autumnal transformation of the Berkshires.

Your journey in the Berkshires offers a harmonious blend of nature, art, and culture, creating a fall getaway you’ll cherish forever.

The Advantage of Planning Your Fall Getaway in Summer

With summer still lingering, you might wonder why it’s time to start thinking about fall. Yet, planning your fall getaway during the summer months comes with its own set of benefits that will enhance your travel experience and ensure a seamless journey.

Guarantee Your Spot

Popular fall destinations like New England draw visitors from all corners of the world. By arranging your journey in advance, you secure your spot in these coveted locales during their peak season, ensuring you won’t miss out on their autumnal splendor.

Aircraft Availability and Scheduling Flexibility

As a provider of a diverse fleet, Hera Flight has the capacity to cater to a variety of travel needs. Early booking allows for a wider range of available aircraft and scheduling options, giving you the opportunity to customize your trip according to your specific preferences and requirements.

Securing the Best Accommodations and Experiences

The earlier you plan, the more choices you’ll have when it comes to accommodations, dining, and local experiences. This allows for a more personalized, curated trip that caters to your unique tastes and interests. 

Peace of Mind

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of planning your fall getaway while it’s still summer is the peace of mind it brings. Knowing that your travel itinerary is well-arranged in advance allows you to fully relax and anticipate the beautiful landscapes, cultural experiences, and autumn colors that await you.

At Hera Flight, we strive to make your travel planning as enjoyable and effortless as your journey itself. Now that you’ve seen why early planning is advantageous, let us help you bring your ideal fall getaway to life. With Hera Flight, you not only get a stunning view of the fall colors from above, but you also enjoy a journey that is defined by luxury, convenience, and personalized service.

Plan Your Fall Getaway Now

Planning your fall getaway with Hera Flight is your ticket to embracing the beauty of the season, immersing yourself in local experiences, and creating lifelong memories. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a lover of the arts, a food connoisseur, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of the season, autumn in New England has something to offer you.

As the final days of summer begin to wane, don’t wait to start crafting your autumn adventure. Contact Hera Flight today to seamlessly book your flights so getting there is the easiest part of the adventure.


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