Family holidays and special occasions are certainly some of the best and most memorable experiences in anyone’s life. Sometimes, however, these experiences can be marred by a single issue on your way to your destination. Such issues as missed flights, lost luggage, and even a stressful check-in can undoubtedly put a damper on the holidays.

By flying on a charter jet, you can eliminate these concerns and put yourself and your family in a good mood to celebrate. Learn more about why you need to charter a private jet and the celebrations it can make more special by reading below.

Reasons to Charter a Private Jet For Holiday Air Travel

Flying on a private jet helps eliminate the stress from your travel experience. Here are other reasons why you need to charter a private jet for your holiday travel experience:

Avoid the Holiday Rush

The holidays are often the busiest times of the year in all airport terminals. With thousands of people wanting to fly home to be with their loved ones, you will have to deal with crowded waiting areas, long queues, and long wait times to get your luggage before being able to leave the airport. With access to your own charter jet, you can skip the long lines and waive the wait times, allowing you to get a good head start on your holiday.

Book Anytime

You don’t have to schedule your plans around pre-scheduled flights and the holiday booking rush. Flying with a private jet for travel gives you complete freedom to choose a time that fits your schedule— there’s no need to worry about losing seats or choosing the best available time out of necessity. 

Fly Anywhere

Flying with a charter jet for travel gives you the freedom to choose your destination and travel itinerary. So whether you’re going on a ski trip in Colorado or spending the holidays in Florida, you have unlimited choices. You can even choose to gather family members along the way.

Enjoy Travel Time

Holiday travel is almost always about the destination. With private jet travel, your holiday experience begins with the plane ride. Traveling on a luxury charter jet means onboard entertainment, reclinable captain chairs, and gourmet meals and beverages, offering total relaxation throughout the entire trip.

Holiday Occasions Made Even More Special By Private Jet Travel

There will always be a reason to celebrate with your family and friends. And by booking a private jet, you can make these occasions more special:

Family Reunions

The holidays are about family and friends getting together and enjoying quality time with each other. So whether your big get-together happens at home or a holiday destination, chartering a private jet for your family reunion can make the trip more worthwhile. 

In fact, the festivities can even begin on the plane ride to your destination. While aboard the private jet, the family can gather and play onboard games together, talk about fun memories, and share a luxurious meal together. With a charter jet, your family reunion promises to be a memorable experience your entire family will love.

Marriage Proposals

Nothing is more unique than popping the question while surrounded by a sea of clouds. Proposing to your partner onboard a luxury charter jet gives you an experience of a lifetime to try something not many have tried before.

You can customize the experience to make it even more magical. Make arrangements for roses to be sprinkled around, plan a romantic dinner with a gourmet meal, and top the night with the best champagne. You can set the mood with romantic music and even arrange for a photographer to capture the magical moment your partner says ‘YES.’ 

Destination Weddings

Complete your fairy-tale wedding experience and make your special day even more memorable by booking a private jet as your carriage of choice to carry you to your destination. Book a charter plane for your bridal or groom party, travel with your family, or spend a few more romantic moments with your soon-to-be spouse. All of these choices are available with private jet travel.

Dream Honeymoon

Celebrate your new marriage in style and luxury by booking a charter jet for holiday air travel. Booking a romantic plane ride allows you to celebrate early and begin your dream honeymoon experience even before you reach your destination.

Best of all, charter jet travel eliminates the hassle of flying commercially, giving you a stress-free travel experience as you fly off to your romantic getaway.


A holiday travel experience can be the perfect anniversary present to give your spouse. But you can make it even more special and memorable by booking a private jet to take you to your romantic destination.

Private jet travel allows you to celebrate your marriage in style. Create a more intimate environment where you and your spouse can share your love with champagne, chocolates, and solemn music as you picture the rest of your lives together. 

Make Your Holidays More Festive With Hera Flight

Booking a private charter for holiday air travel gives you luxury, privacy, and comfort in a single package. Beginning your holiday with a stress-free flying experience gives you a good head start, allowing you to enjoy your vacation and have more memorable experiences. Charter a private jet today with Hera Flight!

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