Gone are the days when private jets were considered a wealthy man’s toy. Nowadays, anyone can fly in private jets thanks to jet charter companies. While flying private, nearly every decision is made by you – from the departure and arrival times to the menu. That means you also have to choose the type of private jet that’s ideal for your journey. If you don’t know how to, fret not, because discussed herein are important pointers to guide you.

How to Choose the Right Private Jet

A private jet gives you the freedom and luxury to fly whenever and wherever you want, in a setting specifically tailored to suit your fancy. Here’s how to pick the right private jet and make each trip more memorable than the last:

Number of Passengers

Private jets vary in size and interior accommodations. That said, the first thing you should consider when choosing a private jet to charter is the number of passengers who’ll fly with you, to help you identify the ideal jet size. Common size categories for private jets include:

  • Very light jets: These are the smallest private jets. Also known as micro jets, very light jets carry a maximum of four people and don’t have a bathroom. They’re made for shorter distances.
  • Light jets: Private jets in this category can carry a maximum of seven people. They’re slightly roomier than very light jets and can fly up to 1,500 nautical miles before refueling.
  • Midsize Jets:  This category is where the luxurious aspect of private jets starts to come alive. Midsize jets can accommodate 5 to 9 passengers and have a private bathroom onboard. While more spacious than light jets and large enough to fly more nautical miles, midsize private jets are also small enough to allow you access to a broad array of private and executive airports across the country.
  • Super Midsize Jets: If you’re flying with a party of ten or more and need enough space to sit back and relax, take naps, and play games, all in the same aircraft, super-midsize jets are an excellent fit.

While the number of passengers you are traveling with isn’t enough to determine the right private jet for you, it helps to narrow down your search to a specific jet size category. Ensure that you consider the passengers you’re taking on your journey as well. If you’re unsure about weight limitations, consult a professional from a private jet charter company beforehand. 

Your Destination

Your destination is as important as your party size in selecting the right private jet, due to several factors:

  • Jet Range: The length of your journey should be compatible with the jet’s range. For instance, if your journey is lengthy, you’ll need at least a light or a midsize jet. These jets can cover more nautical miles without refueling. Midsize jets are also more spacious and feature luxury amenities such as a private bathroom, making them ideal for longer journeys.
  • Runway and Refueling Point Availability: You also need to consider whether your destination has runways to accommodate your jet.  This is critical, because some destinations either lack them, or have runways that are too small.  For instance, small tropical islands often feature small runways making private turboprop jets the only ideal option. If runways are not an issue, consider whether your destination has easily accessible refueling points.

Luggage Requirements

Flying in a private jet offers comforts you can never get on a commercial flight. For instance, you get to let your big German shepherd fly with you and walk around the cabin unrestrained. However, while the benefits run a wide gamut, note that all aircraft have weight limitations, and private jets are no exception.

The total passenger and luggage weight directly affects the jet’s general performance, which is why you should be mindful of what you carry. Generally, the luggage capacity of a private jet is measured as a volume of cubic feet. In most cases, that means at least one suitcase and one carry-on item per person.

The good news is that nowadays, most private jet models offer extra space, which means you can carry more luggage. Private jets rarely carry at full capacity, and if this is the case for your charter, you can carry all you need and not worry about jet performance. If you have concerns, consult an expert from a reputable charter flight company.

Luxury Features

Some people use private jets because they offer more than just transportation from one destination to another.

For instance, large private jets boast luxurious layouts such as full galleys with enough room to prepare food and drinks, three to four sleeping areas, and additional cozy chairs and tables. They also have generous standing room (at least 6.2 feet), high-speed internet connectivity, and the option for multiple flight attendants at your service, at an extra cost determined by charter flight operators.

Midsize jets are also quite luxurious and may feature 5.8-foot cabin heights, two to three sleeping areas, a kitchenette setup, and other deluxe arrangements. Consider what’s most important to you when you’re choosing the best private jet for your needs.

The Charter Company

You may select a large jet with all the luxurious amenities, but if the jet charter company you opt for isn’t reliable, your experience won’t be comfortable.

Private jet flight experiences should be all about you. In that light, book your jet with a private jet charter company that offers a smooth-sailing booking process, and that executes your specific needs and requests to the letter.  Reliable charter flight operators often have:

  • FAA Air Carrier Certificates and D085
  • A reasonable fleet size
  • Wide access to private and executive airports in different destinations
  • Experienced cabin crew members

Explore Your Options Today

Contrary to what the media portrays, private jets aren’t all one-size-fits-all. They vary in size, capability, and luxury amenities. On one hand, this is great because you get more options. On the other hand, it leaves room for error – so we’ve highlighted the tips above to guide you in choosing the right private jet.

If you have any concerns or questions, get in touch with one of our consultants today to learn more about jet charter companies.


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