Planning a trip can be stressful. Airports can often be unreliable with flights getting canceled or delayed at the last minute. Paired with their crowded environments and lack of amenities, spending time in the airport can start your trip off on the wrong foot.

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of commercial flying, chartering a private jet might be the answer.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of chartering a private jet:

Pro: Saves You Time

Never worry about missing your flight again! One of the perks of chartering your own private jet is the flexibility it adds to your schedule. You choose when to schedule your flight, you get to avoid waiting in line at the airport, and you get your trip started faster.

Plus, being on a private plane gives you the space to get work done during your flight. Increasing your productivity is going to benefit your schedule in the long term.

Pro: Higher Quality Service

When you charter a private jet, you are going to receive a higher quality of service on your flight. You get individualized attention from your attendants, so you never have to worry about flagging someone down to get help. You can also order your preferred drinks and food ahead of time, so you are guaranteed to love your in-flight dining experience.

Besides your flight attendants, your private jet will also have more luxurious amenities such as new furniture, lots of space, Wi-Fi, and entertainment systems just for you.

Pro: Pets are Welcome

If you are an animal lover and wish you could take your pets with you everywhere, a private jet is perfect for you. Just let the crew know ahead of time, and they will make sure to have the correct accommodations in place for your pets.

With commercial flights, your pet can often be sequestered in the cargo area due to lack of space or concern for other passenger’s allergies. On a private jet, you can keep your pet by your side and let them travel in comfort with you.

Pro: Accessibility

When you arrive at check-in for a flight on a private jet, you do not have to go through the same long lines as everyone flying commercial. There will be a small area next to the airport called a Fixed Based Operator, or FBO, where you will check-in for your flight. You will breeze through this area and be on your flight in no time.

Private jets also have more options for where they are allowed to take off and land due to their smaller size, which means you can arrive closer to your destination, eliminating the stress of traveling from the airport to your next location.

This is a wonderful option for travelers with disabilities, plus a personalized flight experience means that other accommodations can be made to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible.

Pro: Emergencies

Chartering a private plane can really help you in the event of an emergency. If you or someone you are with experiences a medical emergency, you will be able to get on a private jet much faster than you would get on a commercial plane.

Or if there is a natural disaster most airlines are going to be shut down but often, private jets can still fly. In a situation like this, you and your loved ones would be able to escape to safety as quickly as possible.

Even if it’s not an injury or disaster, if you have a personal matter you need to attend to in a timely manner, a private jet is going to get you there faster than any other mode of transportation.

Con: Cost

Chartering a private jet for your trip can be quite expensive. Depending on the service you use,  there can be different financial options — either you can look at purchasing the entire jet, purchasing partial ownership of the jet,  buying hours, or paying for a fixed number of hours upfront.

Hera Flight offers a service called Jet Card, which is a prepaid card used to purchase your time on the jet in 25-50 hour increments. You are then able to schedule your flight within 48 hours. This feature helps to make luxurious travel more manageable.

Con: Proactive Planning

A personalized plane ride does require a little more effort on your end when it comes to planning.

Commercial flights have a large number of people they are responsible for, so they have specific rules to maintain organization. Meals and drinks are prepared ahead of time, the in-flight entertainment is already determined, and they have a set schedule they follow for departure and arrivals.

The luxury of chartering a private jet is worth it — just make sure you have the time to tell your pilot and their crew everything you need for your ideal experience.

Con: Weather Delays

While it is true that chartering a private jet reduces many of the delays a commercial flight experience, the weather is something uncontrollable.

Due to the smaller size of a private jet, there are some types of weather that it cannot handle that a commercial airplane could. This means that if a large storm rolls in, you may find your flight is delayed until it is safe for you to fly.

This is something to consider when booking your private jet — always make sure to check the weather report and try your best to plan accordingly.

In Conclusion

Whether it’s for work or vacation, if you are someone who travels frequently, chartering a private jet is the perfect choice for you.

Reduce your stress and take control of your time by scheduling your flights to fit your lifestyle. Choose the option that is best for your budget and personalize your trip.

You are going to be amazed at how relaxed you can be when you experience luxury travel on a private jet.

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