2018 was a monumental moment for the airline travel industry, with a record high of 1 billion passengers traveling to or from the United States throughout the year. Of this billion, 811 million passengers made up domestic flights within the country, and 241 million passengers traveled abroad that year.

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic first began to impact this thriving industry in March 2020. TSA checkpoint data showed that passengers were reduced by more than a million passengers a day throughout much of the year.

Today, the industry is just starting to recover. Early data in March 2021 has captured the steady rise of airline travel as COVID restrictions are lifted, safety procedures have been secured, and vaccinations have become more accessible.

Still, the pandemic has safety on the minds of many prospective travelers. You may be wondering, “Is it safe to travel? Are there limits to where you should travel or how you should travel?” You may have found yourself asking, “Is private jet charter safety superior to that of commercial airline travel?”

What is a Private Jet Charter?

A private jet charter is an increasingly popular way to travel domestically and internationally. Renting a private jet allows you to enjoy luxuries and safety benefits that you often do not see in commercial airlines. For example, sitting areas are generally far roomier, there are fewer people on the flight, travel times are commonly reduced, and passengers avoid much of the dreaded airport hassle.

Rather than arriving hours before your flight, you’re sometimes able to arrive shortly before takeoff. With a private jet charter, your travel experience is truly personalized and personable.

7 Reasons Why Private Jet Safety is Superior to Commercial Airlines

Private jets vary in size and interior accommodations. That said, the first thing you should consider when choosing a private jet to charter is the number of passengers who’ll fly with you, to help you identify the ideal jet size. Common size categories for private jets include:

Considering taking a private jet charter? Here are the seven reasons why private jet charters are more secure and convenient than commercial airlines.

1. Passengers Are Thoroughly Vetted

Have you ever ridden on an airline where another passenger appeared strange, or even threatening? When you use a private jet to travel, everyone onboard will likely know each other. Perhaps you may be traveling with friends, family, or business associates.

Agents who help you book a private jet charter get the chance to gather information about their passengers, including the relationships between other passengers, their reasons for flying, and other details that aid the vetting process.

This careful vetting process helps alleviate any threat to safety or discomfort, so that you and those traveling with you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight.

2. Personable Crew That Receive the Same Vetting Process

Hera Flight takes excellent care in selecting and vetting their crew for private jet charters. The staff on any flight can substantially impact the quality of your trip. Not only is it important to trust your pilot and crew, but courtesy and excellent customer service can leave a lasting impression on the quality of your overall trip.

Those who frequently choose private jet charters to travel may become more familiar with their pilots and flight attendants, which can help ease even the most persistent flight anxiety.

3. Reduced Time at the Airport  

One of the big draws to a private jet charter is the overall reduction in travel time. Most private jets use remote, smaller terminals to help reduce the amount of time passengers must travel through an airport. Furthermore, check-in is handled entirely differently when using a private charter, and security screening is not required for most private flights.

Not only does this reduced time in an airport provide convenience and remove a lot of the hassle associated with commercial flights, but you’ll spend less time in close quarters with other travelers, and you’re likely to touch fewer items within the airport – which reduces the risk of sickness.

4. Baggage Claims are More Personable

When you take a private jet charter, far fewer people will be handling your baggage. In a commercial airline setting, numerous people may handle your bags. They may also sit on a conveyer belt for extended periods, potentially exposing them to more germs and viruses.

When taking a private jet, you generally hand your baggage off to a service technician, who will give your luggage directly to your jet’s crew for stowage. This process makes it far easier and faster to reclaim your baggage after your flight, while limiting exposure for your possessions.

5. Overall Travel Time Reduced

Reducing your overall travel time will limit the number of uncontrolled environments that you are exposed to. A private jet charter reduces your travel time in several ways, including through the use of remote airports, the avoidance of security screening, changes to baggage and check-in procedures, shorter arrival times, and access to more nonstop flights.

As technology for private jets has continued to advance, nonstop flights have become more common, even when traveling internationally. Nearly any destination can be flown to on a private jet, providing you and other passengers with limitless options for your upcoming travel experience.

6. Newer Technology in Private Jets Compared to Commercial Airlines

Private jets are equipped with the most advanced technology in the industry to boost safety features, provide pilots with more control, allow flying at higher altitudes to avoid inclement weather, and allow for longer flights without having to stop for fuel.

This technology commonly outpaces commercial airlines that may rely on conventional and, at times, outdated technology that can impact safety ratings and guidelines.

7. Stricter Safety Inspections on Private Jet Charters 

Commercial airlines have multiple planes that must complete safety inspections before takeoff. Many factors can compromise these inspections, including the number of aircraft to inspect, how old the planes might be, an airline staff’s experience, and whether or not they are staffed adequately.

When it comes to a private jet charter, there are fewer planes to manage, and the technology of these planes is often better. In addition, because there are fewer flights, staff can take their time to ensure that an aircraft successfully meets strict safety inspections well before takeoff.

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