Whether on your own or with loved ones, vacations are the time of year you get to unwind and enjoy a fun and relaxing experience. However, having to stand in long queues, go through a lengthy check-in process, and wait extended periods to get on a commercial flight can be a source of frustration that can dampen the excitement. Moreover, the prospect of a delayed or canceled flight can further add to the stress.

Flying on a private jet charted eliminates all of these concerns, allowing you and your family to travel in style and comfort. Learn more about the benefits you can expect when you fly on a private jet charter below. 

Stress-Free Travel Experience

The commercial flight experience can be characterized as a series of frustrating experiences that can be a source of stress during your travels.

Oversized bags, lost luggage, slow check-ins, delayed flights, and many more can all contribute to the chaos even before your vacation has begun. However, these can be eliminated when you charter a private jet for your next trip.

Begin your stress-free vacation with seamless check-in that takes you to your private jet charter in a matter of minutes. There is no risk of lost, redirected, or rejected baggage as these will be loaded directly into your charter private jet.

More Control Over Your Time

The charter private jet experience is far from what you would expect from flying on a commercial plane. Typically, guests are asked to be at the boarding gate at least two hours before departure to ensure they don’t miss their flight while being subjected to lengthy security checks and protocols.

But when you charter a private jet, getting to the aircraft from the terminal only takes minutes, so you don’t have to show up at the airport until just a few minutes before your scheduled departure.

Private jets are also generally smaller than their commercial counterparts, giving them more access to remote airfields and local airports. As such, you can travel more closely to your chosen destination, allowing you to minimize travel time even further. This way, you are not constrained by rigid flight schedules and destinations.

Less Exposure Means Increased Protection

Flying commercially increases your family’s risk of exposure to COVID-19, the flu, and other contagious diseases. Contracting these diseases may put your family’s life at risk, which is something you wouldn’t want at the start of your trip. It is also not a good souvenir to take home after a trip as it also puts other family members at risk.

When you fly on a private jet, you are not exposed to any other passengers, which significantly reduces your risk of contracting any disease mid-flight. As added protection during your flight, health and safety protocols are strictly enforced to eliminate any possibility of infections aboard the charter private jet.

The charter jet’s interior is cleaned and disinfected before and after each flight. All crew members have also been fully vaccinated against the virus and are required to wear masks as an additional precaution. So when you fly on a private jet, you can rest assured knowing that your family’s health is protected while on board.

The Ability to Bring Everything You Need

Commercial flights place numerous restrictions on the number and type of cargo you can carry during a flight. Even as a first-class passenger, the number of bags you can bring with you is limited.

That can be disheartening if you plan on traveling with your family and you plan on bringing plenty of baggage and equipment on your vacation, such as strollers, pack-and-play cribs, golf clubs, surfboards, ski equipment, and other essential items that can help make your holiday more comfortable and enjoyable.

Booking a private jet charter allows more flexibility regarding the amount and type of items you can bring with you. If your trip requires you to carry bulky equipment with you, the charter private jet can easily accommodate all of them. It can also come with direct access to the baggage hold area, which means you can access your belongings mid-flight. 

Tailored Flying Experience

One of the biggest advantages of flying on a private jet is that all experiences are tailored to your and your family’s preferences. Onboard entertainment can be customized to suit your interests to ensure you have the best experience during your flight.

You also have complete control over your in-flight dining experience. All gourmet meals are prepared and served only by the finest chefs. If you have any dietary restrictions, preferences, or special requests, simply communicate with the private chef or crew members, and they will be accommodated. This also ensures that any allergies and dislikes are avoided. 

Get the Perfect Start to Your Vacation

When flying commercial, your vacation likely won’t start until you reach your destination. But with a private jet charter, your holiday begins immediately when you board the jet.

A stress-free environment, onboard entertainment, and a luxurious experience throughout is the perfect way to begin and end your vacation. Charter a private jet today with Hera Flight!

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