A private jet membership saves passengers money and adds value through special offers and other preferred programs. If you fly regularly, you can take advantage of travel perks to make your flying experience more pleasant and reduce travel costs. There are several reasons why private jet memberships are a worthwhile option.

Preferred Member Pricing

Private jet card membership allows you to get flights at better pricing compared to on-demand charters. Jet card members have access to more affordable travel rates.

You also have the advantage of consistent pricing, such as locked-in hourly rates for 12 months. You can also save money since you won’t be billed for fuel surcharges or other fees.

In addition, private charter companies also offer the best industry pricing to jet card members compared to variable pricing rates given to on-demand charter passengers. Some private charter companies even offer discounted prices for members who fly in specific jet aircraft models.

Easier Booking Process

Booking commercial flights can sometimes be a hassle. You have to compete with other passengers to book limited seats, select the available seats, fill out an online form and pay for the reservation. It can become a strenuous process. 

However, with a private jet membership, you don’t need to endure the extra stress. In many instances, you’re the only passenger on the aircraft.

You can also charter a flight for your entire team. There is no need to shop around for each trip, figuring out which jet to choose and reading through the details of flight contracts with different terms of service.

With a private jet card membership, you can book your flight with just a phone call. Private jet charter providers can set things up for you online or via text message. As a jet card member, you can enjoy hassle-free booking.

Guaranteed Aircraft Availability

There is no guarantee as to the type of aircraft available for your flight with on-demand charters; therefore, you may end up switching jets for your trip.

However, that is not the case for private jet memberships, as many private jet card programs today provide members with guaranteed aircraft availability.

This feature is exceptionally beneficial to jet card members during peak periods, but there are limits to this guarantee. For instance, jet charter companies can only guarantee the availability of particular aircraft within a specific period.

Some charters can make your chosen jet available within 48 hours. If you don’t take advantage of that offer, they will have to provide that aircraft to other jet card members.

Aircraft Upgrade

One of the perks of a private jet membership is the opportunity to upgrade your jet with each scheduled flight. For instance, let’s say you had already chartered a flight with a smaller aircraft since you initially expected to fly alone and just before your flight, you managed to win an important client.

You can then upgrade to the next available aircraft with a jet card membership to accommodate more passengers. You can then fly your client on a private jet and discuss business arrangements in style en route to your next destination.

No Hidden Costs

You won’t have to deal with surprise charges and hidden costs with a jet card membership.

Special Accommodations

With commercial flights, you get pretty much the same service as your fellow passengers. It doesn’t matter if you’re flying business, first-class or economy. First-class passengers get the same treatment as other first-class passengers. There’s nothing you can do to improve your travel experience.

However, with a private jet charter membership, the staff and flight crew can accommodate any special requests you make. For example, you can have improved in-flight entertainment, request certain drinks or have specific types of food on board.

You can also specialize your travel arrangements, such as a change in travel time, or if you’re flying with a sick passenger, arrangements can be made for their comfort and safety.

Superior Customer Service

Private charter companies provide some of the best customer services you can find. They are available 24/7 and can make travel arrangements quickly in case you need to make changes to your flight.

Charter providers can also facilitate jet card programs to fit any passenger’s needs. In addition, you can request special arrangements to impress your business partners, clients and guests.

Enjoy The Perks of Jet Card Membership

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