Air travel has always been a popular mode of transportation. However, commercial planes can feel like a hassle to board when you’re confronted with delayed flights, long security lines, and decreased size allowances for your carry-on bags. The best alternative to commercial flights is to charter air flights.

Read on to find out more about the differences between these two types of air travel.

How Private Air Flights differ from Commercial Flights

When you need to travel quickly for that last-minute meeting, make sure to consider your options before you book a commercial flight. When you charter a private jet flight instead, you are granted a much more flexible way to travel. Here are some of the main differences that come with private flights.

You Control the Schedule

Private flights put you in charge, so you can have complete control over when and where you want to fly. Plus, you can change your plans, even just before take-off or during your flight.

Private charters require reservations, but not tickets. You can make and complete these reservations online or over the phone using a Jet Card or a few other methods.

A Flexible Pricing Model

Commercial flights charge a fixed price based on the date and time of your departure. However, private jet flights charge you by the hour. This cost will vary depending on what plane you use and how long the jet is assigned to you.

Dedicated Terminals

Private charter flights do not depart from the same air terminals as commercial flights. Instead, they use smaller private terminals called Fixed Based Operators or FBOs.

The check-in and screening processes are much faster at FBOs, and you can arrive up to 10 minutes before your scheduled flight time. These terminals also have meeting spaces, refreshments, and lounges.

No Boarding Passes

Instead of a boarding pass, private jet operators give you a tail number, which is emailed to you at least 24 hours before departure. The FBO reception desk will then use this tail number to connect you to your pilots.

Make sure everyone on your charter flight brings their government ID. Guests who appear on the TSA’s No-Fly List will not be allowed to board.

Fewer Delays

All aircrafts are subject to unplanned delays, but private planes are less likely to experience them than commercial planes.

Chartered flight service providers are more likely to have extra aircrafts on standby in case of technical issues. Also, smaller aircrafts are able to depart faster after weather delays.

Choose Your Aircraft

Private flights let you charter the aircraft. Providers usually have a fleet of planes, so you are able to choose the best aircraft for your needs. The operators will help you choose one based on the:

●        Price

●        Passenger and storage capacity

●        Distance you want to travel

●        Cabin layout, size, and style

Also, you do not need to charter the same aircraft every time you want to fly. Each trip is different, so you can choose your aircraft accordingly.

Access Smaller Cities and Convenient Airports

Just like your schedule and aircraft, you will choose your departure and destination airports. Smaller private jets are not restricted to large airports, so you will have more options. Many small towns have small airports where private jets are allowed to land. In bigger cities, the small airports are often located in more convenient locations than commercial airports.

Improved Privacy

When you share a commercial flight with hundreds of strangers, you are conscious of everything you say and do. Chartered flights offer more privacy, which means you can read and work on confidential documents without constantly glancing over your shoulder. Plus, you get to choose who you travel with.

Better Leg Room

Inadequate legroom is a common issue on commercial flights. In most cases, you can expect to sit in an uncomfortable position for the duration of the flight, especially if you are flying coach. However, private jets have more legroom and enough space to adopt the most comfortable sitting position for you.

A Tailored In-Flight Experience

Private jet flight operators customize your onboard experience based on your requirements. Operators provide multiple catering options and services, which are all modifiable for you and fellow passengers. You can book a celebratory flight with champagne, host a focused business meeting, or anything else in-between.

When to Charter Private Jet Flights

You may want to book a private flight instead of a commercial flight if:

●        Your time and privacy are invaluable to you;

●        You want the flexibility to fly anywhere, especially if you are planning a multi-stop trip;

●        You require the flexibility that private jets offer;

●        You want to impress prospective and current clients.

Plan Your Next Flight Today

Private flights provide multiple benefits including ease and flexibility. Individuals and groups who want to save time and skip the hassle of a commercial flight should consider flying private instead. Once you charter your first flight, it is hard to go back!

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