When planning a trip by private jet charter, consider the size, capacity, and speed of the aircraft you want to book. It would be best if you kept these factors in mind to meet the group’s needs during their trip.

Private Jet Aircraft Sizes to Consider

You have several options when chartering a private jet considering the passengers’ needs, length of the flight, and aircraft capacity. It is best to choose the right-sized aircraft to cover these factors. Here are several aircraft sizes you should consider:

Light Jets

Light jets have an average capacity of seven passengers while providing a comfortable flight with an array of onboard amenities. These fast aircraft can cover an average of 2,100 nautical miles quickly. This size of jet aircraft provides onboard amenities you don’t get from commercial flights. Passengers can enjoy the offerings from a small refreshment center, private lavatory, plush leather seats, and a few electronics. If you’re interested in chartering a jet, even if you’re on a budget, this is the aircraft you should consider.

Midsize Jet Aircraft

Midsize private jets are better suited for longer travel destinations while providing more luxurious onboard options. This size of jet aircraft offers more legroom and plenty of communal spaces that allow passengers to mingle. The cabins offer more headroom so you can relax comfortably, allowing you to stretch your legs and enjoy the inflight experience. Jet aircraft of this size can fly up to 2,700 nautical miles on average. With a more extended range and larger capacity, you have more destinations to choose from, and you can bring your entire team along on your trip. You can also use midsize jet aircraft to hold private meetings with important clients. Chartering a private jet can be an excellent way to strike an impression and close a deal. This type of private jet charter aircraft has an 11-passenger capacity, including the flight crew. It’s an excellent option for private meetings and luxurious amenities designed for comfort and style. Enjoy WiFi access, foldable tables, an onboard bar, reclining seats, and private bathrooms.

Super-Midsize Jets

If you’re interested in chartering a jet for your entire team, this size of jet aircraft can fit the bill. This aircraft usually offers larger cabin spaces, allowing taller passengers more headroom to walk about. Some private jet models have a commanding 73-inch cabin clearance. This aircraft size also has a more extended flight range, allowing you to reach more airports and other destinations. Some midsize jets can travel up to 3,500 nautical miles on a single trip, much further than what midsize jet aircraft can reach. Super-midsize aircraft are also equipped with advanced avionics, which means more comfort for passengers onboard. They let you enjoy quieter flights and smoother air travel.

Heavy Jets

These jets have the largest capacity compared to the other aircraft mentioned earlier. Consider heavy jets if you’re looking to book a private jet charter with top-notch amenities and elite-class experience. This aircraft type offers plenty of legroom, complete bars, larger bathrooms, lie-flat sleeping options, pull-out tables, and a full-service galley. Heavy jets accommodate an average of 19 passengers and can travel over 6,700 nautical miles.

The Best Private Jet Aircraft in the Industry

Here are some of the most popular private jet aircraft you can choose from:

  • Citation X: This is a seven-seater business-class jet aircraft produced by Cessna. It features fully-integrated avionics, offering a smoother flight.
  • Lear 60: This midsize aircraft is a product of Bombardier Aviation with a range of 3,000 miles. It features aerodynamic improvements that make flights smoother and faster.
  • Bombardier Challenger 601: This jet is one of the most popular business-class private jets, which can fly cross country. It offers a spacious cabin with excellent accommodations and better inflight amenities, including a built-in washroom. It’s a cost-effective option for long-range flights. The 13-seat configuration provides better comfort for long trips.
  • Gulfstream GV: Classified as an ultra-long-range aircraft, the Gulfstream GV offers three cabin zones for better passenger comfort and can accommodate up to 14 passengers. With a range of 6,751 nautical miles, this aircraft can serve you well if you need to go on intercontinental trips.
  • Gulfstream GIV: This aircraft is a long-range twinjet with the interiors outfitted as three cabin zones. It can seat up to 13 passengers with a luggage capacity of 169 square feet. It has a typical cruising speed of 550 mph, covering a range of 3,880 nautical miles with seats at maximum capacity. It’s perfect for transporting your entire team across the country.

More Aircraft Options with Hera Flight

Choosing the right-sized aircraft is essential if you want to make the most of your business trip while staying within budget. If you need help selecting the best jet aircraft type, Hera Flight experts can help you find the right aircraft to suit your needs. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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