According to the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), executives who use jet charters have better corporate governance. They are more efficient and productive. They can also achieve a higher market share and revenue growth. Below, you’ll find the ways corporate jet charters can boost your team’s productivity.

A Private Charter Saves You Time

A private business jet charter allows passengers to save time when traveling. You save time on the ground since there’s no need to go through long queues like you would in commercial airports.

There are no lines for security, check-in or baggage when flying on business jet charters. As a result, you can arrive at the airport and spend only 15 to 20 minutes on the ground preparing for takeoff.

In addition, you can enjoy more direct flights and shorter travel times on a business jet charter. This means you don’t have to deal with transferring to another aircraft during your trip. Furthermore, you will become more productive since your flight will have fewer interruptions.

Private jets are faster than commercial airlines, with some flying over 500 miles per hour. Direct flights and faster planes also save you plenty of time, allowing you to focus on more important matters.

Take Advantage of Business Facilities on the Ground

A private business jet charter arrives and departs via a fixed base operator (FBO) terminal. These terminals provide aeronautical and premium services for executive travelers, such as:

  • Private work areas
  • Conference rooms
  • Mini suites
  • Cocktail lounges

These amenities allow your team to meet with business partners and clients to conduct business. Some FBOs have snooze rooms where travelers can take a nap and shower rooms to freshen up.

Hold Meetings in the Sky

If you don’t have time to conduct your business on the ground at the FBO, you can hold your meetings while in the air, which can help double your efficiency. In addition, many chartered aircraft have amenities for business meetings and entertaining clients.

Holding meetings en route allows you to use your time efficiently. While up in the air, you can have private conversations with your team members and share information in confidence.

Some aircraft also have Wi-Fi, which means you can hold virtual meetings with your staff on the ground. It’s an excellent option for meeting with team members in different time zones. These options improve your efficiency and productivity while in flight.

A Place to Regroup

Aside from chic and functional amenities, an aircraft cabin provides a quiet and comfortable retreat after business meetings and corporate events. You can contemplate the outcome of client discussions and formulate strategies.

While on your way to the next destination, you have a calm and relaxing environment where you can mull over crucial  business decisions. 

More Control Over Your Flight

When you fly via commercial carriers, you place yourself at the mercy of the airline’s employees and the various airport conditions that can affect a flight. On the other hand, corporate jet charters give you more control over your trip.

Scheduling trips is more predictable when you go by private business jet charter. You won’t have to compete with hundreds of passengers to book your next flight. This means executives can better eliminate missed flights and avoid flight delays. You can also plan your trips based on your business schedule, not the other way around.

For instance, you can choose chartered flights that allow you sufficient time to rest and prepare. On the other hand, if a critical business opportunity presents itself, you can book flights on demand to meet with important clients as soon as possible.

Your team can also choose the aircraft they wish to fly in and the airport they wish to land. This means you can select destinations that are closer to your next meeting or locations more convenient for your group.

Since you can choose the size and type of jet, you can take options that will save you some of the cost. Choose only the aircraft that suits your needs and your team’s budget.

In addition, you can transport sensitive and important documents without worrying about your proprietary information’s safety. Your team can also use private charters to transport and demonstrate product samples and prototypes without fear of loss or damage.

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