Private jet travel offers the ultimate experience of luxury, convenience, and safety. Plus, you never have to worry about things like security queues, TSA scans, searching the departure board for changing gates, or seat assignments. However, it’s a good idea you are aware of a few things before you book a private charter flight.

Benefits of Private Charter Flights

Chartering a jet is an excellent way to maximize your comfort during travel. You get lots of space to move around during long flights or when flying overnight. While first-class travel on a commercial flight may offer this benefit, it is not as relaxing.

Flying by private jet also saves you time. These jets are nothing more than time machines that allow you to fly out of the nearest, smaller airport. Plus, private jets easily achieve cruising speeds of up to 617 knots (711 mph), depending on the plane.

One of the biggest advantages of private charters is you can travel with who you want – whether family, friends, co-workers or even pets. Once onboard, you can choose a relaxing cabin to take advantage of the privacy to reconnect during the flight.

There is also the added safety angle knowing you decide who is on board, seeing as you are the temporary owner of the aircraft.

5 Things You Should Pay Attention to as You Book a Private Charter Flight

Traveling on a private jet is an incredibly practical solution, but booking it and preparing for the flight can seem daunting. Familiarization with the process will help you enjoy all the benefits and conveniences that come with chartering your jet.

Private flights provide simplicity once you know the ropes. Here are a few things to know before requesting a quote from a private plane charter.

1. The Private Jet Operator

Choose an operator with the capacity to operate your flight. Some destinations require pilots to have specific qualifications before the plane can land.

This means you need to know the following in advance:

●      Your destination

●      Number of people you are traveling with

●      How long you intend to stay at the destination

This information lets you easily check if the company can satisfy your requirements and the availability of a relevant crew and craft. Operators have different crafts available. Some can fly to your destination without landing at some airports, others cannot.

The type of aircraft you choose may have a significant impact on the rates you pay. Before booking a private plane, distinguish between these four types:

●      Heavy jets – These can carry up to 30 passengers and can fly a lot further than smaller private jets.

●      Mid-size jets – They can carry about 11 people and offer a range of about 3,000 miles.

●      Light jets – These are smaller and lighter compared to the other two categories. They offer a lower flying time and can carry up to seven passengers, including pilots.

●      Very light jets – The smallest of all private aircraft. They can land on short runways, which is suitable for travelers looking to land in destinations other than airports. The crafts are ideal for solo travelers and can fit a moderate amount of luggage.

Make sure you discuss luggage with the operator. It may impact the aircraft you require. Lots of luggage may mean a fuel stopover.

2. How to Book a Private Jet

Many companies operate as both brokers and charter operators. Working with a company that offers both services ensures you are getting the best operational and service experiences. You can also have a broker represent you when shopping for options.

It’s advisable to work with a single broker and not send out multiple requests. The same request coming from several representatives may cause your inquiry not to be taken seriously. Instead, look for an operator with a long history of safety, trust, and who can direct you to the right type of plane for your needs.

3. The Costs

These are dynamic with the scope and size of your travel requirements. Private jet charter flexibility allows the operator to walk you through the decision-making process to find the best service and value. Basic cost factors are the destination, time of year, flight duration, pricing model you choose, and type of aircraft.

However, there are extra charges you should know about as you book a private jet, including:

●      International fees

●      De-icing

●      Minimum daily usage rates

●      Hidden commission and brokerage fees or taxes

●      Overnight hangar charges

●      Landing fees

●      Beverage and catering

●      Empty leg or relocation charges

●      Surcharges during the holidays or busy seasons

●      Cancellation fees

4. Pricing Model

Operators provide different pricing models. The most popular is the ad hoc model, where you pay a specified rate per flight hour.

Other pricing models are:

●      Flight-by-flight – Ideal if you are looking for a flight along popular charter routes.

●      Membership model – This allows you to pay a fixed amount for a specified amount in which you can fly for a maximum number of hours.

●      Shared charter – A model that allows you to split costs with other people on the flight.

●      Book by the seat – This model means you book your seat on a scheduled run on an aircraft that holds a maximum of 30 passengers in a 2 x 1 seating format.

5. Identification Requirements

A private jet means you don’t have to follow strict identification regulations. However, you must carry proper identification before boarding the plane. You will need your driver’s license for domestic trips and a current passport for international travel.

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Whether this is your first time in a private charter flight or you are a seasoned flyer who wants more out of your experience, you must take advantage of all the benefits of flying privately. Consider the tips above to ensure maximum enjoyment during the flight.

At Hera Flight, we are committed to offering you a stress-free and time-saving journey. Our patrons have access to a large fleet, which allows them to connect to over 22,000 different airports.

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